This letter is a recommendation for Fred Tokkie who helped us purchase and inspect homes in downtown Amsterdam in 2014. We have worked with several real estate agents at various times. “Fred Tokkie “were head and shoulders above any other home inspector with whom we have ever worked with. He is honest, strategic, unbelievably patient, and utterly professional. He also understands the Amsterdam market exceedingly well.

At the time that we were looking for a Grachten-Pand , we live out of the country, only making limited visits to Amsterdam. Fred used the time that we were in Amsterdam to determine the kinds of houses were interested in. He pointed us in the right direction to the homes that were well build and in move in condition, considering that most of these Amsterdam canal homes are more than 400 years old. Between our short visits, we relied on Fred to send us home inspection information about potential homes and to provide his recommendations based on his understanding of our needs and the home condition, we relied heavily on his none bias judgments which cannot be said about most Amsterdam realtors. After a long search period, during which we looked at numerous homes in person and over the Internet, Fred called us to let us know that he thought that the right house had come on the market and was a well build home, we had Fred Tokkie to do a in depth home inspection on a 450 M2 Grachten-Pand on the Keizergracht. We had so much trust in Fred report and judgment at that point that we quickly put a contract down on the house without seeing it first (except by pictures over the Internet). Fred was absolutely right. We feel certain that without Freds guidance and patience, we would not have come close to finding, and closing on, such a wonderful property that turned out to be all he said it would be. The Amsterdam real-estate market can be a devious one with many pitfalls, it’s of essence to have a capable building inspector on your side not just a realtor. Remember real-estate is local by nature and Amsterdam has some of the most amazing homes in the world but many of them have many hidden problems that can turn a purchase into a time consuming endeavor not to mention a total financial disaster. I am willing to make the bold statement that a local experienced home inspector is as important if not more important than a realtor in the downtown Amsterdam housing market.

Fred had pointed out numerous houses that had hidden structural problems, which he knew about from previous inspections or from his fast network of colleagues. We were tempted to put an offer on them but his guidance and advice on the hidden problems deftly brought us back to center. We have recommended Fred from to our acquaintances. We’re pleased to provide our highest recommendation for “Fred Tokkie services. We are grateful we found them and fortunate to have made the right purchase with minimum headaches not to mention a wonderful investment.

Respectfully yours,
Nathalie and Ken Ralton